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Alokozay Group

Achieving today, what is possible tomorrow.

The history of Alokozay Group spans over 100 years of business in diversified trading portfolios. The Group has offices in over 40 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Africa and North America with its Headquarters in the United Arab Emirates.

With a solid base of over 5000 committed and professional staff, each branch has its own extensive distribution network; enabling the group to manage its worldwide operations effectively.

Believing strongly in the ‘Art of Business’, the AGC mission of becoming a leading global brand is a continuing saga. With considerable expertise in areas of FMCG, Logistics, Real Estate and Hospitality, the Alokozay Group aims to further expand by building lasting partnerships with international brands on a mutually beneficial platform.

The product portfolio under Alokozay’s own banner is widening rapidly. From the highly successful Alokozay Tea to the flourishing Alokozay Cooking Oils, Tissues, Evaporated Milk, Coffee, Biscuits, 3in1 Tea & Coffee, Sugar, Detergent Powder, Wet Wipes, baby Diapers, Pasta, Corn Flakes, Engine Oil and many more premium products, Alokozay continues to expand its arenas.

AGC amongst its many other alliances, has recently signed an Exclusive Bottling Appointment (EBA) with PepsiCo to manufacture & distribute a broad range of PepsiCo beverages in Afghanistan.

A Mission that Makes us Different

The Alokozay Group’s journey starts with a solid, meaningful mission. Besides highlighting our role as a company, it serves as the roadmap that keeps us focused and determined to execute our responsibilities. We strive to:

  • Revive the world.
  • Inspire special moments of ecstasy and hopefulness.
  • Create value.
  • Make a positive change in the society.
  • Help people make healthy choices.

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Alokozay Industries